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Scientists say new study shows pig health hurt by GMO feed

(Reuters) – Pigs fed a diet of only genetically modified grain showed markedly higher stomach inflammation than pigs who dined on conventional feed, according to a new study by a team of Australian scientists and U.S. researchers. (more…)

Dr. Judy Carman live interview on ABC – Listen Here

ASHLEY HALL: A study has thrown doubt on the safety of genetically modified corn and soy. It found pigs that eat the genetically modified feed suffer a significantly higher incidence of health problems. (more…)

A specific reply to Monsanto

The agrochemical and biotechnology firm, Monsanto, has released a few comments on the landmark Carman et al study.  Their comments and answers to those critiques follow: (more…)

A specific reply to Mark Lynas

Prominent pro-GM activist, Mark Lynas has, as expected, attacked the study by Dr Judy Carman and her colleagues for their recent work titled, “A long-term toxicology study on pigs fed a combined genetically modified (GM) soy and GM maize
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Reply to Andrew Kniss’ blog on statistics

In his blog (, Andrew Kniss professes to know more about statistics than the authors of the paper, even  though between them, two of the authors of the paper have 45 years experience in using and  teaching statistics at
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Scientists warn on CSIRO GM Wheat threat

Expert scientists warn that genetically modified wheat may cause Glycogen Storage Disease IV, resulting in an enlarged liver, cirrhosis of the liver, and failure to thrive. Children born with this disease usually die at about the age of 5.

New study reinforces Greenpeace concerns about GM wheat

Yesterday, three respected international scientists raised very strong concerns in regards to the GM wheat trials currently occurring in Australia. (more…)

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    The inadequacy of GM brinjal food safety studies – Dr Judy Carman

The inadequacy of GM brinjal food safety studies – Dr Judy Carman

NOTE: This devastating critique of the food safety studies done on GM aubergine/eggplant (Bt brinjal) is very easy to follow, and well worth reading in full. (more…)

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    Western Australia: Unprecedented political attack on GM scientist

Western Australia: Unprecedented political attack on GM scientist

An independent scientist working on a state-funded long-term feeding study, designed to test the safety of GM crops, has come under unprecedented and sustained attack from a Government Minister in Western Australia (1). (more…)

Why consumers are concerned about GM foods

Why Consumers Are Concerned About GM Foods, And Have Every Right To Be.

Genetically modified (GM) foods are produced using ingredients derived from GM organisms, including microbes (eg yeast), crops, and animals. Foods that have come from animals fed GM
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