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Dr. Judy Carman live interview on ABC – Listen Here

ASHLEY HALL: A study has thrown doubt on the safety of genetically modified corn and soy. It found pigs that eat the genetically modified feed suffer a significantly higher incidence of health problems. (more…)

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    The inadequacy of GM brinjal food safety studies – Dr Judy Carman

The inadequacy of GM brinjal food safety studies – Dr Judy Carman

NOTE: This devastating critique of the food safety studies done on GM aubergine/eggplant (Bt brinjal) is very easy to follow, and well worth reading in full. (more…)

Why consumers are concerned about GM foods

Why Consumers Are Concerned About GM Foods, And Have Every Right To Be.

Genetically modified (GM) foods are produced using ingredients derived from GM organisms, including microbes (eg yeast), crops, and animals. Foods that have come from animals fed GM
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IHER Criticises Commercial Release of GM Canola

The Institute of Health and Environmental Research Inc. (IHER) has criticised the decision by the OGTR to allow the commercial release of Monsanto’s Roundup Ready canola. (more…)

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