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    Dr Judy Carman replies to comments that GM crops are safe to eat

Dr Judy Carman replies to comments that GM crops are safe to eat

GM industry comment: GM crops have a clear record of safety.  There have been hundreds of animal feeding studies that show that GM crops are safe to eat.

Reply: Most of the papers referred-to like this are usually animal production
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Response to GM industry criticisms about the pig feed used

Criticism: The size of the particles in the ground feed can cause stomach inflammation.

Reply: We know that the particle size of the feed can cause stomach inflammation, which is why we made sure that the particle size was the same between
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Dr Judy Carman replies to personal abuse

GM industry comment: The authors are GM activists/campaigners

Reply: This is incorrect. Two authors are Associate Professors in Health and the Environment, School of the Environment, Flinders University in South Australia.  Another is a Senior Lecturer at Adelaide University in
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Reply to criticisms about animal husbandry

GM Industry Comment: The results are due to poor animal husbandry practices

Detailed Answer: Pigs in commercial piggeries (hog farms) are born in commercial farrowing facilities that house large numbers of sows in a single building.  Once weaned, the pigs are
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A specific reply to Monsanto

The agrochemical and biotechnology firm, Monsanto, has released a few comments on the landmark Carman et al study.  Their comments and answers to those critiques follow: (more…)

A specific reply to Mark Lynas

Prominent pro-GM activist, Mark Lynas has, as expected, attacked the study by Dr Judy Carman and her colleagues for their recent work titled, “A long-term toxicology study on pigs fed a combined genetically modified (GM) soy and GM maize
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Reply to Andrew Kniss’ blog on statistics

In his blog (, Andrew Kniss professes to know more about statistics than the authors of the paper, even  though between them, two of the authors of the paper have 45 years experience in using and  teaching statistics at
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