GM industry comment: The authors are GM activists/campaigners

Reply: This is incorrect. Two authors are Associate Professors in Health and the Environment, School of the Environment, Flinders University in South Australia.  Another is a Senior Lecturer at Adelaide University in South Australia.  Two are veterinarians, one is a medical doctor, and two are farm experts.  Between us, we have expertise in medicine, animal husbandry, animal nutrition, animal health, veterinary science, biochemistry, toxicology, medical research, histology, risk assessment, epidemiology and statistics.


GM industry comment: The paper was published in the Journal of Organic Systems, which is biased against GM crops.

Reply: The journal is a peer-reviewed journal.  The paper was reviewed by three expert, anonymous, reviewers who did not even know who the authors were.  They were picked because they had considerable expertise in the area.  All three reviewers recommended the paper be published.