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Source: One Radio Network

It’s interviews like these on subjects like this that, we feel here at One Radio Network, are some of the most important to listen to, learn about, and pass around. Dr. Judy Carman and Howard Vlieger team up on this one to talk about the study of which the above article speaks.

This ground-breaking study, published June 12, 2013, shows that animals are harmed by the consumption of feed containing genetically modified (GM) crops.

The research was undertaken because farmers have for some years been reporting reproductive and digestive problems in pigs fed on a diet containing GM soy and corn. Farmers have seen a reduced ability to conceive and higher rates of miscarriage in piggeries where sows have been fed on a GM diet, and a reduction in the number of piglets born if boars were used for conception rather than artificial insemination. There is also evidence of a higher rates of intestinal problems in pigs fed a GM diet, including inflammation of the stomach and small intestine, stomach ulcers, a thinning of intestinal walls and an increase in haemorrhagic bowel disease, where a pig can rapidly “bleed-out” from its bowel and die.